LA CITTA’ ACCESSIBILE – nuovi strumenti analitici e progettuali

24 October 2019, Milan (Italy)

The seminar presented some researches concerning the accessibility topic as a key element to ensure a good quality of life in urban areas. The urban accessibility paradigm takes into account different spheres of urban life such as living, mobility and transport, social interactions and participation.
Key-Note Speaker: Massimo Bricocoli (DAStU), Fabio Manfredini (DAStU), 
Lecturer: Andrea Di Franco (DAStU), Anna Cantini (ABC), Valentino Galli (DAStU), Floriana Zucaro (UNINA), Gerardo Carpentieri (UNINA), Carmen Guida (UNINA), Andrea Canevazzi (AMAT), Lucilio Cogato (Comune di Milano), Sara Comai (DEIB), Mattia Previtali (ABC) Conclusion: Fulvia Pinto (DAStU), Ilaria Mariotti (DAStU)


XXIV International Conference LWC 2019 – Pedestrians, Urban Spaces and Health

12-13 September 2019, Brescia (Italy)

The International Conference “LIVING AND WALKING IN CITIES” (LWC) traditionally looks at different themes concerning the quality of life in urban areas. The goal of this event is to gather researchers, road users, administrators, technicians, city representatives and experts aiming to discuss problems that affect the safety of pedestrians in the city, especially of children and persons with reduced mobility. The conference attracts practitioners and researchers who can find detailed presentations on policy issues, best practices and research findings across the broad spectrum of urban and transport planning. The conference covers international issues, national and local policies and the implementation of projects at the local level.


59th ERSA Lyon 2019 – Cities, regions and digital transformations: Opportunities, risks and challenges

27-30 August 2019, Lyon (France)

Special session ERSA2019: “Transportation and Mobility in an Ageing Society. Perspectives, Trends and Drivers“. The current special session shall  address and discuss the following research questions: • With reference to different contexts, what are the travel patterns and transportation alternative preferences of the elderly? • What is the role of regional policies, national government approaches and local governance, yet also local and neighbourhood policies and programmes (such as welfare and community policies), in responding to the mobility needs of an ageing society? • Considering the importance association of mobility to the well-being and quality of life of senior citizens, what are the implications for future transportation?


INPUT aCAdemy 2019 – Planning, nature and ecosystem services

24-26 June 2019, Cagliari (Italy)

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Architecture (DICAAR) of the University of Cagliari will host INPUT aCAdemy 2019, a special edition of the INPUT Conference. The INPUT aCAdemy Conference will focus on contemporary planning issues with particular attention to ecosystem services, green and blue infrastructure and governance and management of Natura 2000 sites and coastal marine areas. INPUT aCAdemy 2019 is organized within the GIREPAM Project (Integrated Management of Ecological Networks through Parks and Marine Areas), co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) in relation to the 2014-2020 Interreg Italy – France (Maritime) Programme. INPUT aCAdemy 2019 is supported by Società Italiana degli Urbanisti (SIU, the Italian Society of Spatial Planners), Istituto Nazionale di Urbanistica (INU, the Italian National Institute of Urban Planning), UrbIng Ricerca Scientifica (the Association of Spatial Planning Scholars of the Italian Schools of Engineering) and Ordine degli Ingegneri di Cagliari (OIC, Professional Association of Engineers of Cagliari).


XXII Conferenca Società Italiana Urbanisti – L’Urbanistica Italiana di fronte all’agenda 2030

5-7 June 2019, Matera and Bari (Italy)

The XXII Conference aims at investigating about responsabilities, expertise and tools of Italina Urban Planning practice in view of the SDGs challenges, starting with Goal 11 “Sustainable Cities and Communities. Make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable” and its seven targets, taking into account the other Global Goals of Agenda 2030. In particular, Workshop 2.2. was dedicated to “Accessibility measures and public transport safety” with a focus on how to improve accessibility within urban areas, for the elderly.



INPUT 2018 – 10th International Conference in Urban and Regional Planning

5-8 September 2018, Viterbo (Italy)

INPUT 2018 was organized by DAFNE – Department of Agriculture and Forestry Science, Research group on territorial and urban planning. The Tenth Edition pursed multiple objectives with a holistic, boundary-less character to face the complexity of today socio-ecological systems following a systemic approach aimed to problem solving. In particular, the Conference aimed at presenting the state of art of modelling approaches employed in urban and territorial planning in national and international contexts. Moreover, the conference hosted the QGIS hackfest (8th September). INPUT is managed by an informal group of Italian academic researchers working in many fields related to the exploitation of informatics and innovation in planning. As usual, since 1999, INPUT main themes and tracks are expected to emerge from the topics of presentations.


XX SIET Scientific Meeting Società Italiana degli Economisti dei Trasporti e della Logistica – Mobility and The City: policies for Sustainability

20-22 June 2018, Milan (Italy)

The XX SIET 2018 Scientific Meeting is dedicated to the themes of the city, the territory and mobility. The complex relationships existing between these subsystems, often gathered under the label of “sustainability” are actually constituted by different plans, such as the economic, governance, land use planning as well as technical and technological choices.In particular, a conference session is focused on the MOBILAGE (Mobility and aging: daily life and welfare supportive networks at the neighbourhood level) research project financed by Fondazione Cariplo within the “Aging and social research: people, places and relations” 2017 Call for scientific research. The session was addressed to investigate elderly (people aged 65+) mobility, by exploring the supply and demand of Local Public Transport (LPT) in urban areas.